The End Approaches

The End Approaches

It’s really strange for me to think that Blaugust is coming to a close. I’m relieved, but a bit anxious about it at the same time. When you’ve been doing something like this every day for an entire month — and speaking of, I legitimately cannot believe it’s been almost a whole month and I feel like this is another point in the favor of time just being fake — the idea of suddenly not doing that same thing is a bit intimidating, even if you know doing that same thing isn’t sustainable for you in the long run.

That’s not to say that I don’t have thoughts and plans for future blog posts and things like that, but it’s the thought of stopping the process that’s getting me right now.

Regardless, this week is meant to be us taking the time to reflect on Blaugust and everything we’ve done, and what we’ve learned in the course of this process, and for me, there’s one major takeaway I have from this entire thing.

As I mentioned earlier, I know going this hard all the time in terms of writing blog posts is just not a sustainable thing for me. I often found myself running into some scheduling issues in terms of finding time to sit down and write and also found some blog posts piling up a bit depending on the week. The content calendar helped a bit with this, but it absolutely didn’t fix everything.

I need to take some time to sit down and figure out what will work for me in the future in terms of scheduling. I also need to get a bit better at planning out content, if I’m being honest. There were a lot more days than I’d like where I just did not have a plan whatsoever.

Despite that, I’d absolutely consider this Blaugust a success.

(Then again, it may be a bit early to say that. After all, the week’s not over yet.)

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