Soaper Appreciation Day

Soaper Appreciation Day

People reading this blog may not know this about me, but long-time followers of mine will know that I kind of have a thing for soap crafting. Sure, my personal experience with it is currently confined to the realm of melt and pour soap, but I love it. Despite that, though, soap art is the sort of thing I honestly never used to think about too much before the internet.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of handmade soap, although I admit I had no idea how it was done as a child. Part of that is the result of too many trips to stores where there were displays of soaps that claimed to be handmade in a variety of colors, patterns, and, of course, scents. The internet, though, put all of that into the foreground for me, especially when I realized there were people out there recording their process of how they made their soaps and putting it out there on the internet as both a way to promote their products and educate people who may want to start making soap, too.

And given that we’re still in Developer/Creator Appreciation Week for Blaugust, I thought it might be fun to highlight four of my favorite soaper YouTube channels as all of these people are the reasons why I really want to try to make my own soap someday. So here we go, in no particular order!

Royalty Soaps


I actually found Royalty Soaps because of a similar post that Chestnut of Gamer Girl Confessions made during Blapril last year, and as a result, Royalty Soaps was the first soaper I really started following on YouTube. Katie, who runs the company, has been doing this for quite a while, and it shows. She knows what she’s doing and I love hearing her thought process as she makes her soaps, but she’s also not afraid to show her audience when things don’t quite go according to plan which I appreciate.

If I wasn’t into soaps, I’d honestly watch her channel for her attitude alone. Katie just feels like such an upbeat and genuine person while filming and her videos absolutely wonderful to have on when I need a pick-me-up on a particularly rough day.

Ophelia’s Soapery


After seeing a video in which Katie from Royalty Soaps bought products from a few other soapers, I immediately went to check out Ophelia’s Soapery’s YouTube channel and have been following her ever since. I don’t think you could possibly find a more different method of soapmaking. Both channels make cold process soap, but Ophelia utilizes something called the heat transfer method to do so, using the heat from her lye water to melt down the hard oils and butters. And watching her make her soap is like watching art being painted, especially when she frosts the entirety of a slab mold. It’s just beautiful to watch.

I also really appreciate the size of her soaps. They seem really manageable.

Unlike Royalty Soaps, we don’t get an insight into her crafting process. In fact, her videos are completely silent save for the background music, but if you need something relaxing to watch that involves art being created right in front of you, I highly recommend this channel.

Ellen Ruth Soap


Ellen Ruth is the newest of the soaping YouTubers I follow, having only followed her in the past week or so, but I’m now a big fan. I actually found Ellen Ruth Soap while trying to find information about rebatching soap. Rebatching soap, for anyone who may not know, is a process that takes soap shavings of previously made soaps and basically upcycles them into an entirely new loaf of soap by combining them all in a crockpot or double boiler and melting them down. She also dedicates a few videos to hot process soapmaking, unlike some other soaping channels that don’t, which I also appreciate. This is another soaper that I’ve come to appreciate hearing about her process as she works. Would absolutely recommend checking her out.

Missouri River Soap


This one’s another channel I’ve been getting into recently simply because of the variety of soaping content that exists on it. MO River Soaps gives us everything from short batchmaking videos to chats while packing orders to even test batches of soap as they’re trying to figure out how they want a particular design to look. Did I think I’d enjoy videos of people packing up soaps and other products? Nope! But here we are!

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