LARP YouTubers I Love

LARP YouTubers I Love

After I attended my first official LARP in 2018, I fell in love with the hobby. It was mostly due to a lack of finances and then a move that I was unable to attend others more locally, although the goal is still to do so one day. However, leaving that game left a bit of a hole in my heart that I found I had difficulty filling.

Fortunately for me, there was YouTube. Even better, I discovered there was an entire LARP community on the website, full of people talking about or documenting their experiences at games or as they made props, and to be quite honest with all of you, it filled the void. I especially loved the videos in which these LARP YouTubers actually brought their cameras with them to show us the events of the games as they unfolded.

(As I mentioned in my post yesterday while talking about actual play games, I love hearing about the adventures other people get up to in all kinds of games.)

So today, as it’s Friday and I need a bit of a pick-me-up from a long week, I thought maybe I’d share with you some of my favorite LARP YouTubers, namely the ones that add a bit of sunshine to my day.

Mochi vs. LARP

Her name’s Avery, but you can call her Mochi. Mochi hasn’t uploaded in a while, but damn if I don’t revisit her videos when I’m in search of a good story.

Mochi started her YouTube channel as a way to chronicle her progress up until her trip to Bicolline with the Voyage North. Whether it’s a boffer game she’s talking about or her journey to other games, we’re told some incredible stories about the adventures she goes on. Some videos have more on-location footage than others, but it’s still an incredible time all around.

Kaza Marie

Formerly known as the LARP Girl. I discovered Kaza Marie’s videos while doing a search on YouTube for LARP weapons and stumbled upon one of her videos about Calimacil. I’ve followed Kaza through a variety of review videos and LARP experiences, and now her content has gotten to the point where she takes the footage she films at the various games she plays in and turns them all into full-on movies of her character’s experiences.

A personal favorite of mine is her film from Outbound Hope, where she portrayed a counselor on a ship in what looked like an incredible sci-fi experience that I hope to be able to attend one day. But not only that, her voice is incredibly soothing, and I love what her content has become.

Mo Mo O’Brien

Mo Mo O’Brien has the unique honor of being one of the first LARP YouTubers I ever found on the platform. Do not ask me how. I honestly cannot remember, but I know I’ve been following her adventures for quite a while. Her content has also evolved since I first found her, now documenting all kinds of immersive experiences (not just LARP) and the variety of adventures she goes on.

I love her older videos, as she’s very upbeat and energetic and her unboxing videos are still a bright spot that I often find myself revisiting on bad days, but I also really enjoy her newer videos, particularly the ones in which she gives us some behind-the-scenes looks at how editing her projects are going. I truly appreciate Mo Mo, especially recently as she’s been very up-front with her viewers about some of the mental health struggles she’s been dealing with. For some people, talking about mental health is still stigmatized, so the fact that she feels like she can be open about it is really refreshing.

Please enjoy Mo Mo’s content. You’re not going to regret it.

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