Hot Chocolate – Thyanel’s Top 4 Picks

Hot Chocolate – Thyanel’s Top 4 Picks

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If there’s one thing in the streaming sphere I’d consider myself “known” for, it would probably be the fact that I start off each stream drinking hot chocolate out of a mug bearing my familiar filth heart logo. (Insert shameless plug here if you’d like to acquire one of your own.) This is something that began from a desire to have a warm beverage to start off each stream with, but also generally losing track of time and not having enough time to brew a cup of tea before I was due to go live.

Also, let’s face it. Sometimes, you just want a warm beverage that tastes good but takes minimal effort to actually make.

Do not get me wrong. I love tea, but tea involves worrying about steeping times, and given how often I don’t realize what time it is until I’ve looked at a clock, it’s not exactly convenient before a stream.

But hot chocolate? Hot chocolate is incredibly convenient, especially when you take into account that mixes exist. Just tear open that packet, mix it into a cup of warm water or milk, and voila! One warm, delicious, creamy, chocolatey drink!

Since the question’s been asked once or twice about the kind of hot chocolate I drink, I thought I’d share with you my top five picks for what I’d consider the best hot chocolate mixes you can get your hands on.

(Please note before I get too much further into this that I am in no way an expert on hot chocolate. I just really enjoy drinking it.)

Swiss Miss Marshmallow

If you’ve ever been to a supermarket to buy hot chocolate, you’re probably at least passingly familiar with Swiss Miss as a brand. (In the United States, at least. I’m not sure how prominent the brand is outside of that.) The blue box with the distant mountains and top-down shot of the hot chocolate in the mug is fairly iconic, in my opinion. It’s the brand I grew up drinking and it’s a brand that’s almost always on rotation in my hot chocolate consumption.

Given how long the brand has been around, it offers a wide variety of hot chocolates such as peppermint and even white chocolate. However, my favorite is probably what most would consider a flagship staple of theirs: marshmallow hot chocolate. And yes, their marshmallow hot chocolate is the variety I drink on stream.

True, the marshmallows melt fairly quickly and there never seems to be enough of them (even in their Marshmallow Lovers version, which seems a bit ironic to me), but it’s still a tasty cup of relatively inexpensive cocoa.

While I do drink this one a lot, I will say that I find the chocolate flavor to be relatively mild, so if you’re into drinking hot chocolates for the chocolate flavor, Swiss Miss may not be for you.

But did you know that some well-known chocolatiers make hot chocolate mixes, as well?


Ghiardelli is fairly well-known for its chocolate squares that you can find in almost every supermarket, but did you know they make hot chocolate, too? This is actually something I didn’t really know until a few years ago when my aunt became a huge fan of drinking white chocolate hot chocolate, and, by extension Ghiardelli’s White Chocolate powder.

Speaking for myself, I’m not a huge fan of white hot chocolate, but if I’m looking for a bit of a richer hot chocolate, I’ve found I can’t go wrong with their Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix. I find it tastes best when mixed with milk and not hot water, but, as always, your mileage may vary.

I’ve also found they have a fairly decent variety of cocoa, too, with peppermint and mocha flavors amongst their number. But if you’re looking for plain ol’ hot chocolate without any frills, their premium chocolate is fairly good and they even have a mix made with semi-sweet chocolate chips. Flavor-wise, I don’t think either is as rich as their Double Chocolate, but that’s just my personal opinion. (And everyone’s opinions are different.)


I’ve always considered Godiva to be luxury chocolate when it comes to the various chocolatiers out there. I completely blame a friend of my late grandmother’s for this as Godiva was her favorite chocolatier and she’d always show up to family events dressed to the nines. (Think lots of pretty costume jewelry and furs and such.)

I had never actually touched a lot of Godiva products until one year in college when some friends and I were at a Starbucks over the holidays and they were serving Godiva hot chocolate. It was the first I tried from Godiva, and the chocolate flavor has honestly been the best out of all the hot chocolates I’ve tried over the years.

While Godiva doesn’t have much variety in terms of the kinds you can acquire from them, their milk chocolate mix will always be a personal favorite. And yes, they do have a dark chocolate mix for all your dark chocolate lovers out there.

Coffee Crisp

Being from the United States, I had never heard of the Coffee Crisp candy bar before one of my friends up in Canada sent some across the border for me. The minute I bit into that chocolate-covered wafer and coffee cream layered bar, I immediately fell in love. I fell in love still further when another Canadian friend introduced me to the fact that Coffee Crisp hot chocolate exists.

Out of all the hot chocolates on this list, it’s not the richest chocolate flavor. It’s not particularly strong on the coffee flavor, either. However, it does smell and taste like someone has taken a Coffee Crisp and melted it into something deliciously drinkable. If you’re looking for a hot chocolate variety that reminds you of a chocolate and coffee candy bar, this is the one for you. Cannot recommend it enough.

Fair warning, though, that consuming this may have the unfortunate side effect of you wanting an actual Coffee Crisp, and if you’re in the States, that will be a bit tricky. Coffee Crisps are sadly almost impossible to find in our local supermarkets. As is the hot chocolate.

At least we can easily find the hot chocolate online, though.

Hot Chocolate – Thyanel’s Top 4 Picks

And there you have it, folks! I know this was going to be just my top four picks, but there were a lot of varieties I wanted to shout out to make sure there was likely something that everyone might enjoy. I hope you all can find a favorite!

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