Have You Ever: Gaming Edition

Have You Ever: Gaming Edition

When it came time for me to attempt to figure out a blog post for today, I legitimately came up empty. I have an assortment of ideas for future posts down the line, mind, but being that today is a weekend, I wanted to try to keep things as casual as possible.

And then I remembered Chestnut from Gamer Girl Confessions posted this a couple of weeks ago. Playing a game of sorts felt like the perfect thing to post on a weekend, especially when we’re this close to the end of Blaugust and I know I’ve been going at this so hard that I worry my brain is about to be mush. I need a bit of a breather.

So, without further ado…

Have You Ever…

Rage quit a game?

Only if jumping puzzles are involved. Jumping puzzles are quite possibly my least favorite thing in any sort of game, especially if the game isn’t specifically built for them. (I’m looking right at you, The Cost of Magic in Secret World.)

It’s because of that that I have a self-imposed rule of only attempting the thing five times maximum in one sitting. If I can’t get the thing by the fifth attempt, I need to walk away and do something else for a little bit before I go at it again. By the fifth time, I can feel the rage building and it’s just not fun for me anymore. I’d really rather avoid that for my own mental health.

Earned all the achievements in a game?

Definitely not. Achievements are kind of fun to have, but they aren’t a huge motivator for me in games, personally. I personally worry that trying to get all of them would make the game feel more like a job than fun. Besides, I’ve found acquiring achievements to be more entertaining if I don’t actually know what they all are. They’re like little surprises that way.

Pulled an all-nighter gaming?

When I was in college, I absolutely did, and I did not regret it at the time. Now, though…

Now, I absolutely cannot do that. I have a hard cap of midnight.

Livestreamed your gaming?

Me? Livestream my gaming? Nah…

(I am, of course, kidding. I love my community over on Twitch.)

Pre-ordered a game?

Oh yeah. Yeah, I did that. Still do, in fact, when I can afford to do it, but I have to really be invested in the game or the franchise for me to be willing to consider doing that. I think the last one I pre-ordered was probably ESO’s Blackwood expansion.

Bought a game and never played it?

….not me looking guility over at my Steam library full of unplayed games right now. What are you talking about?

Been jump scared by a horror game?

Oh yeah. Many. I am easily spooked (and yet I still play horror games for the amusement of my stream community).

Case in point: the entirety of my playthrough of Moons of Madness.

(Jumpscare warning in the below clip)

….you know, the more I think about it, most of the games I’ve played that have actually jump scared me have been Funcom titles.

Had a set squad for a specific game?

Not really. There are people I really enjoy playing with in various MMOs and things like that, but we rarely if ever level together. We’ll get together sometimes for dungeons or things like that, but that’s about it.

Bought a game on multiple platforms?

Nope. I’m primarily a PC gamer. If I can play the game on PC, I’m getting it on PC and won’t even consider acquiring it on another platform.

Got a console for the games specifically?

Well, I have a Switch pretty much specifically for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Does that count?

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