Blaugust Begins!

Blaugust Begins!

It is time at last! Blaugust begins today, and this is something I’ve been looking forward to actually participating in for quite some time.

People not involved with a certain section of the gaming blogosphere might not have any idea what exactly Blaugust is, though, and I suppose that’s understandable. After all, some things are completely easy to miss if you’re not following specific people in the Internet age.

So what exactly is Blaugust, anyway?

Blaugust as an entity was created by an individual by the name of Belghast who runs the blog Tales of the Aggronaut. It began life as something Belghast would call his “Grand Experiment,” in which he wrote a blog post a day. In 2014, he started challenging other bloggers to do the same. Although he initially anticipated that it would just be seasoned bloggers who would undergo the challenge at the time, some newer bloggers wanted to get in on the fun, too.

It’s since spiraled out from there, and for the most part, Blaugust has been a reoccurring thing in certain sections of the blogging world every year. An exception was made in 2020 where it became “Blapril,” mostly due to the pandemic and everyone being stuck at home at that point in time.

Bloggers new and old join pretty much every year and together, they help create something truly special. There’s even a Discord server where participants can toss post ideas around, and share the work they’ve created during that time (and even after).

Why participate?

The simple answer is honestly to get the ball rolling.

“Consistency is key.” It’s something that you hear a lot as frequent advice from content creators to anyone who might be considering getting started as a content creator themselves. “Have a regular schedule.” “Make sure you post at least once a week.”

And all that is well and good, but it’s a little daunting, especially if you’re a newer blogger or trying to just get back into blogging after having been away from it for a little while.

Blaugust encourages you to just write. It doesn’t matter what exactly you’re writing. It also doesn’t really matter if what you’re writing is even any good. The idea is to just put yourself out there. Writing like this is a way for bloggers to not only find their style but also make sure the habit of posting something on a consistent basis sticks.

And as someone getting back into blogging, this felt like a good way to get myself back into doing that.

Personally, I’m excited about it, and I hope that you all will indulge me while this month goes on.

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  1. Welcome Thyanel! Glad to see comments up and running now! 😀

    Really glad to have you as part of the community, and seeing what you write!

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