Blaugust 2021: An Update for Motivation Week

Blaugust 2021: An Update for Motivation Week

Y’all, it happened. It finally happened.

The end of Blaugust is almost in sight and motivation is starting to deteriorate. I wasn’t sure that I’d ever actually get to this point, especially considering how well I had been doing for the first couple of weeks, but it doesn’t really feel like a good sign when even the idea of just sitting down and starting to write a blog post for the day makes you feel like you’d rather be doing almost anything else.

Part of me wonders how much of that is because I’m still relatively new at this whole blogging thing and how much of it is honestly because I’m not used to just going this hard all at once with blogging in general. Tackling a blog post every day for an entire month might have been a bit… ambitious as a return to blogging event, even though I’m somehow still determined to stick with it. I started this, after all, and I really want to finish it.

Part of me also wonders if part of my flagging motivation is the result of having to keep up with other forms of content generation. I’ve even been spending a lot of time over the past few days attempting to implement measures to make my Twitch channel safe from a variety of hate that has the potential to be spewed in chat (including going through an almost comically large list of accounts to outright ban). I’m not going to talk about those hate raids too much here, especially since I don’t regret the work I’m putting in right now, but that combined with everything else makes just sitting here to write up a short blog post feel like a lot.

Not to mention that I’m realizing even as I type this that trying to blog like this every day is just not sustainable for me in the long run, but I’m not entirely sure what is yet. Or how to figure that out.

Fortunately, this week is Staying Motivated Week for Blaugust, and I do have a few ideas for that, but they’re probably not going to be easy to write! We’ll have to see, I suppose!


3 thoughts on “Blaugust 2021: An Update for Motivation Week

  1. Don’t worry. It’s not just because you’re new – a number of folks are feeling it right now (me included). I spent a couple days writing slightly shorter posts in order to give myself a break without skipping – and that’s legit! Now’s also a time to break out posts on things you feel really passionate about if you haven’t already – it helps to write about what you really, really love.

    You’re doing great to have made it this far! Do what you need to do and don’t feel bad about feeling drained (creativity needs to be replenished and nourished like anything else). Wishing you luck on sticking it out!

  2. Blaugust is an amalgamation of many older blogging events these days, but the really important ‘bit’ is just to get bloggers to either return, or if they’ve never done it before, to give it a try.

    Posting every day over and above that just gravy. You’ve already ‘won’ Blaugust by deciding to participate and join us. 🙂

    Having said all that — I’m still going for the daily post challenge too, even though like you, energy levels for it are flagging. I enjoy the challenge aspect in retrospect, when looking back upon it, and saying, ‘Yep- I did that’. If that’s you- then keep going! You’re so very close now! 😀

    If you think that actually, this way lies burn-out, then pft, give it a break. Take a day off and intentionally break that cycle. Or, like Aywren has said, do a shorter or lower effort post. (Screenshot posts are great for this! ;))

    Whichever the case, it’s been awesome having you along so far!

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