And So It Begins

And So It Begins

If you had asked me a couple of years ago whether or not I thought I would get back into blogging again, I think I actually would have said, “No,” or, “Probably not.”

It isn’t that I don’t enjoy blogging or reading blogs. I do. In fact, back in 2011, gaming blogs were a pretty big deal. However, a lot of our media tends to be consumed through video these days (or maybe I just feel like it does). As a result, I was never really sure if there was a place in the world for a gamer who prefers to spend far too much time trying to get her thoughts in order and, despite all the time she spends in front of a camera livestreaming a couple of times a week, is a bit camera shy.

But there are still bloggers out there. There are people who have built entire careers off of blogging, so clearly there’s an audience for it. And for all that I’m an introvert, I do enjoy interacting with people in various ways. I even enjoy getting my thoughts out there in some form or another. So I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I started thinking to myself, “Well, what if I did start blogging again?”

And yes, I did say “again.”

Back in the days when I played World of Warcraft, I did, in fact, have a blog. I talked about roleplay and the ways that impacted my time as a player of MMORPGs. I’ve grown a lot since then, though, and while roleplaying is definitely an aspect of my time playing games, it’s not the only thing I spend my time doing.

As a result, that’s not all this blog is going to be this time around.

Will I still talk about roleplaying here? Absolutely. That’s still a huge part of my life and isn’t going to go away any time soon.

That said, the kinds of roleplaying I do these days has expanded since my early blogging career. I play Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve gone to a LARP and I want to go to more. I’m part of a large community of people who dress up as original characters and tell stories together on TikTok of all places. I didn’t even think you could use that app for that sort of thing, but the community very quickly proved me wrong.

And that’s just the things I do to entertain myself when I’m not playing the video games I enjoy.

But this blog also wouldn’t be me if I didn’t dedicate time to talk about the video games I play, either. I want to have somewhere to not just talk about MMORPGs that I play and love, but about the various kinds of games I play and the communities that are built around them.

There is so much I want to be able to talk about that I just do not have time to do while I’m livestreaming.

(And yes, there will be talk about livestreaming here, too. I love that part of my life. How can I not talk about it?)

At this point, I’m sure there are friends of mine or anyone following me on Twitter (which you should do if you’re not already; it’s the best way to keep up with me and what I’m doing) that are probably saying, “Thyanel, you’ve been talking about blogging again for months. Why are you only just getting around to it now?”

Well, I had all these big ideas about how I wanted to do things, and in the end, I got pinned down by the dreaded beasts of Procrastination and Perfection. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off because this blog wasn’t perfect yet.

However, I was recently reminded that “perfection” doesn’t exactly happen overnight. It might take me a bit to get to the level of perfection I want to get to, but I’ll never get there at all if I keep waiting for some divine burst of inspiration that might never happen.

So I elected to take a plunge. We’re just diving right in. Perfection may change over time, but we’re here. We’re starting. And that’s the important thing.

And now here we are taking our first steps on a familiar and yet somewhat different path.

Brace yourself, my friends, because this is going to be an interesting ride.

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