Welcome, travelers!

who • thyanel
what • streamer, larper, gamer
where • East Coast, USA
when • since 2016
why • because sometimes, everyone needs to go on a fantastical adventure.

I’m a 30-something-year-old queer individual who just so happens to be both a gamer and geek. My life is shared with a couple of cats and an assortment of online friends I just happen to share adventures with. I consider myself very fortunate in that regard.

I also may love roleplaying games a little too much. There’s something about the adventures you get to go on and stories you get to tell after that are very appealing.


What will you find here?

If you’re looking for something that’s going to be incredibly focused with a niche in one particular thing, I’m afraid you may be disappointed.

Previous attempts at blogging did attempt to focus on my love of roleplaying from the perspective of someone who roleplayed primarily in MMOs. That’s not going away because that’s still a big part of my life. However, this is going to be focused more on the various games I play, be they video, tabletop, or live action.

There may even be some life-related posts in here. We’ll see how wild we get.