A Blaugust Victory

A Blaugust Victory

While the event itself technically ended with yesterday’s post, Belghast himself declared it official today. Blaugust 2021 has officially wrapped.

This is one of those moments where I once again question the decision I made to post on a daily basis last month. When you go that hard for that long, trying to convince yourself it’s okay to back off a bit is actually a bit more difficult than I initially anticipated. Logically, I know I don’t need to post every single day for the rest of my blogging career, but that’s literally how I started this blogging journey. Still, I need to remind myself that it’s okay to just… not do that. I’m hopeful that in about a week or so, that’ll sink in, but given that we legitimately just ended the event, it might take me a bit.

I’ve been appeasing myself by looking over some of the stats that Belghast listed in his wrap-up post, and I’m legitimately amazed by how many posts every participant put out into the world (especially Aywren, who had a total of 49 posts during August; good lord).

After combing through the blogs of everyone who participated in the event this year, Belghast determined that a total of 981 blog posts were made between the 45 of us who participated in the event. I will admit there’s a part of me that’s slightly disappointed that we didn’t manage to break 1000 total posts, if only because I think that would’ve been pretty cool to say about my first-ever Blaugust. However, I also understand that life happens and that posting every day for a month is definitely not feasible for everybody. Hell, I’m genuinely surprised that I managed it. Not only that, but most of us are still dealing with the current state of the world being what it is.

So, regardless, that cumulative total of 981 posts is still pretty damn impressive in my book.

I’m also one of two newbies who had 31 posts in total during the month of August, the other being Blockade85. Go us! This apparently puts us not only into the newbie class but also into the Rainbow Diamond Club for the year along with 18 other bloggers who have been doing this longer than we have.

Congratulations to all of the participants who posted at least once during this entire thing! Blogging is a massive undertaking, so posting at all is pretty impressive, and you put yourself out there! That’s a huge thing!

To everyone who went on this massive journey with me, participants and readers both, thank you. You’ve all been awesome. And shoutout again to the Blaugust Discord because everyone in there happens to be an amazing person and they’ve helped me out with a lot, whether it’s been post topics or some tech issues.

For my readers, we’ll be toning things down to a couple of posts a week after this. Like I’ve said numerous times, posting every single day for an entire year isn’t exactly a sustainable format for me. I could definitely manage a couple of times a week, though! 

All that said, Blaugust was a massive hurdle for me, and I’m looking forward to seeing where my blogging journey goes from here.

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